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The Castles and Coltheart Test 2 (CC2) assesses the functioning of the key processes in single word reading: sounding-out ability and whole word recognition ability.

Sounding-out ability involves converting printed letters into their corresponding sounds, and is assessed by accuracy in reading aloud* nonwords* (nonsense words), such as /gop/. Whole word recognition ability involves accessing stored knowledge about familiar words, and is assessed by accuracy in reading aloud *irregular words*, such as /yacht/, which cannot be read correctly via sounding-out rules.

The test also includes *regular words*, such as /cat/, which can be read correctly via either sounding-out or whole word recognition processes. The full test consists of 40 regular words, 40 irregular words and 40 nonwords, which are presented one-at-a-time, in mixed order, and with gradually increasing difficulty. A stopping rule is applied separately for each item type, with presentation discontinuing after five consecutive items are read incorrectly.

The test has been normed on over 1000 Australian children aged from 6 years 0 months to 11 years 6 months. The on-line version of the test calculates a separate accuracy score for each item type and converts this to a "z score" for the child's age based on the normative data.

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