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The Diagnostic Reading Test for Nonwords (DiRT) tests a person’s knowledge of letter-sound correspondences at the word level [D. Colenbrander, S. Kohnen & L. Nickels].

The DiRT evaluates which letter-sound rules a person can apply when reading made-up words (nonwords). While the CC2 assesses whether a person has difficulties with reading nonwords in general, the DiRT assesses which particular letter-sound rules a person can apply at the word level.

The DiRT is composed of 105 items (ie., nonwords) which assess the knowledge of over 60 letter-sound-rules. The reader reads the nonwords and the tester records the responses. A detailed analysis allows the tester to assess which of the 60 letter-sound-rules a person can apply in the reading of nonwords. This test is administered to individual students.

At the end of the test, the tester gets an overview of which letter-sound rules the reader knows. The tester may then decide to train the rules that the reader does not know yet.

This test is downloaded as two PDFs. PDF 1 contains the test instructions, record form and error analysis. PDF 2 contains the test flashcards.

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