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Our research shows that Grade 2-6 low-progress readers read 7% faster (words per minute) in Dyslexie font word-spacing and letter-spacing settings than in standardly spaced Arial font (Marinus et al, 2016).

More research is needed to examine how these spacing settings influence reading performance of adolescents and adults with and without reading impairments.

EasyRead is a free app that applies Dyslexie font letter-spacing and word-spacing settings to arbitrary web pages in order to improve readability. The app only works under the Chrome web browser.

EasyRead can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore here

After installing the EasyRead icon will appear in the upper right corner of your browser. It will be working as the default display option for every new tab that is opened. Click the icon to disable or re-enable on a per website basis. If you want to remove the app, right click on the icon and choose ‘remove from Chrome…’


Marinus, E., Mostard, M., Segers, E., Schubert, T., Madelaine, A., & Wheldall, K. (2016). A special font for people with dyslexia: Does it work and if so, why? Dyslexia, 22, 233-244. doi:10.1002/dys.1527

More information:

Spacing of letters, not shape of letters, slightly increases reading speed of those with dyslexia. The Conversation. 22 June 2016. (Marinus, E.)

Should we use a special font for children with reading difficulties? Dyslexia - SPELD Foundation Parent Newsletter. 10 June 2016. (Marinus, E.)