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The Macquarie Oxford Reading Anxiety Test (MoRAT) is a questionnaire that measures a person’s level of reading anxiety. 

People with reading anxiety worry about lots of different things. The MoRAT includes 48 statements that people with reading anxiety may worry about. To complete the MoRAT, please read each statement carefully and select the response that best describes you/your child. You can select from the following response options: Never, Sometimes, Often, Always, I Don’t Understand. It is also important that statements are read aloud to children or adolescents with (or with suspected) reading difficulties and their responses recorded. 
At the end of this questionnaire, you will be able to score the responses to see the level of reading anxiety. Norms are currently being developed for this test. However, the following scoring key can be used in the interim: Never = 0, Sometimes = 1, Often = 2, Always = 3, I Don’t Understand = 0.
There are four different versions of the MoRAT that have been developed for people of different ages:
MoRAT-C (8-12 years)
MoRAT-P (parents of children aged 8 to 12 years)
MoRAT-Ad (13-17 years)
MoRAT-A (18+ years)

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