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Editable Itemised Results & Pronunciations (CC2) - Fri 4th Oct 2013

Today we released three new features which we hope will help you manage your CC2 results: editable itemised results, pronunciation notes and skipped words.

Editable itemised results

You can now amend the CC2 itemised results - in case you logged the wrong result during the test. The results summary page will instantly show the updated raw and z-scores. See the new EDIT button above the list of words in the itemised results page.

The DISTi will be updated soon to enable this feature.

Pronunciation notes

You can now enter the subject's actual pronunciation of each word next. This can be done after the CC2 test has been completed by editing the itemised results.

We hope to update the DiSTi soon with a similar feature, to allow you to record the subject's spellings. 

Skipped test words

CC2 itemised results now show all words in the test, including words which were skipped by the stopping rules or if the test was abandoned mid-way. Previously only answered words were shown, which sometimes looked a little confusing.

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