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MISTAKE IN NORMS FOR DiSTi - Tue 13th Sep 2016

Dear Users of the DiSTi (spelling of irregular words test)

A MOTIf user has alerted us to a mistake in the norms table for the DiSTi. The percentile column in the Grade 4 data was incorrect in the PDF which was available for download until 17/08/2016. However, the grey marking for average ranges as well as the z-scores were accurate. We have gone over the norms to check whether there were any other problems. We are confident that the problem only affected the table in the MOTIf PDF version, and only for the Grade 4 data. The norms used when running the test online were correct and all other grade norms were correct as well.

We have now made available the updated PDF with the correct norms.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have (saskia.kohnen@mq.edu.au). 

As the test author, I apologise for the trouble this may have caused.

Saskia Kohnen

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